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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific
September 4, 2019 Jeff Shaffer

We are a well-known leader in innovation in single-use technologies. Every year, we manufacture more than 1.5 million BPC chambers – most of which are custom designed for the application specified by our clients- through redundant manufacturing on two continents. Today, our superior suite of single-use technologies for up-stream and downstream bioprocessing include:
Single-use bioprocessing equipment (bioreactors, fermenters, mixers etc.); Storage and transportation systems; Fluid transfer solutions; Single-use rigid and flexible solutions (BioProcess Containers, bottles, carboys etc.); Adherent cell culture solutions (cell factory systems, equipment and accessories); Single-use Services and Support (including customization).


Tena Maurer, HR Manager: tena.maurer@thermofisher.com; 717-692-2104