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Strategic Plan – Why Us (2023-2026)

Executive Summary

The objectives of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce are to preserve, enhance and expand the opportunities for growth of the business, professional, and industrial communities.  The Chamber is the vehicle through which its members may work to promote and improve the entire community, thereby improving the environment within which free enterprise may be established and within which it may flourish.  Our objectives are to preserve and increase jobs, capital investments and opportunities for economic growth.

Vision Statement

Helping OUR Region Grow.

Mission Statement

To be the preferred Resource Center for our members supporting their economic and business development.

Our Core Values

  • We support our membership.
  • We advocate for membership.
  • We provide and inform of resources and programs to help the region grow.
  • We promote a strong regional economy.
  • We advocate for our businesses, professionals, educational, and industrial communities.
  • We value our community commitment.

Membership (New Memberships & Retention of Memberships)

Public Relations and Membership and Engagement Team

  • Central PA Chamber differs (WHY and HOW)
    • What is the Central PA Chamber seminar.
    • WHY US videos. *By entire current Board of Directors
  • Value Proposition Statement
    • A value proposition is a simple statement that summarizes why a customer would choose your product or service. It communicates the clearest benefit that customers receive by giving you, their business.
      • WHY US – allows us to be confident that our Directors, Committees and Team are all sharing the same message.
      • Team building.
    • Personal Why Statements – Board and Team
      • Personal why statement is a clear, concise statement that includes your core values, main priorities and who you are working for. It narrows your focus, allowing you to spend your time and energy where it matters most.
        • WHY US – we are invested in our members.
      • Marketing
        • How has membership made a difference.
          • WHY US – show as solution center and change agents.
          • Video interviews, testimonials
          • Share with your tribe.
          • Always create a member experience.
        • Why Join or Renew
          • R – Representation
          • A – Access
          • I – Information
          • S – Solutions
          • E – Economic Development

Business Development (Humanize Organization)

All Committees.

  • Increase public awareness
    • Increase visibility to public.
      • Event calendars
      • Digital signage
    • Communicate value
      • Solutions and experiences
    • Likable “Likability”
      • Trusted Spokespersons
        • Board Directors
        • Committees
        • Team
      • Continue to Build Trust
        • Transparent
        • Relevant “all the time”
        • Authentic
        • Memorable (repeat key messages)
        • Unscripted stories
          • Infographics
          • Photos and videos

Professional Development (Membership)

Business & Education Committee “Steering Committee”

  • Seminar & Training Series
    • Quality of Quantity
      • Redundancy topics by other organizations.
      • Partnerships – increase profitability.
      • Unique presenters not on circuit yet.
    • Regional Resource Center (Education/Employment Services)
      • Online – Easy – Informative – Collaborative
        • Educate, connect, and promote services available.
          • Easily navigated.
            • Logos, key words, and terms.
          • Informative service synopsis
            • Research and interviews conducted.
          • Collaborative source
            • Variety of resources at one location.
              • Maintained physically by Business & Education Coordinator.
              • Maintained financially by supporting grants and like funding.

Professional Development (Board)

Board of Directors

  • TRUST – Leaders and advocates. Not bosses.
  • Communication – Strengthen in Board Room and team.
  • Graduate RtB (Raising the Board) board training program.
  • Annually attend “What is the Central PA Chamber” or like seminar.
  • Responsibilities and Expectations
    • Accountability with board report card implementation.
    • Increase committee involvement and engagement.
    • Code of ethics.

Professional Development (Team)


  • Succession Plan
    • Continuation of standard operating procedures (creation and maintenance) by entire team.
  • Technical Advancement
    • CRM System (Cogfu)
    • Event – Registration platform(s)
    • Website
    • Social Media
  • Message Consistency
    • Contact continuum – documentation
      • Face to Face
      • Phone
      • Note
      • Email
      • Mail
      • Publications


Financial Stability (All Committees)

All Committees

  • Decrease Expense
    • Facility
    • Membership
    • Postage
    • Printing
    • IT
  • Increase Income
    • Placement of funds (return on investments)
    • Facility
    • Events
    • Partnerships
    • PAL (Pledged Asset Loan) Program
    • Non-Business Events
    • Cogfu (custom CRM)
  • Consider Conflict of Interest (Financial) possibility
    • Board and Committees alike.
    • Full disclosure may be needed.

Economic Development (Chamber & MAIDA)

MAIDA Committee and Board

  • Continue building relationships
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Solar
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Rail
  • Government programs
    • Affiliation
    • Education
    • Assistance
    • Connection
  • Investment
    • Partnerships
    • Lending


This Strategic Plan addresses the Central PA Chamber’s current and future needs through 2026. The goals of this plan are specific, measurable and attainable. The Chamber staff and the Board of Directors will be responsible to implement the strategies and goals in this plan. The progress of these goals will be measured through the Board governance process.