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Strategic Plan (2019-2022)

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce is a member-focused organization working full-time to preserve, enhance and expand the opportunities for growth of the business, educational, professional, and industrial communities. Our objective is to engage members by providing opportunities to network, market, help prepare for a growing and changing workforce, encourage community involvement, and celebrate in the accomplishments of the region.


We believe an actively engaged membership is essential to the success of the Central PA region.

Therefore, we will promote initiatives and programs to incentivize businesses and organizations to become members of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce.


  • Be the Regional Resource Center by expanding the demographics of membership and location of member representation.
  • Create a Value Proposition focusing on WIIFM (What’s In It For Member) and more solutions to issues.
  • Revamp the orientation process for members, so they clearly understand the benefits of membership.
  • Market members in new and impactful ways (e.g. Why Us? Campaign, other video features); Be seen as a solution center.
  • EARN (Education, Advocacy, Resources, Networking) memberships.
  • Create member experiences at all times.
  • RAISE (Representation, Access, Information, Solutions, Economic Development) the standards.

Economic Development

Though partnerships and our revamped MAIDA (Milton Area Industrial Development Association), we can help the region be viable and prepared for economic development.


  • Have representation on boards and be present at meetings related to economic development.
  • Continue to build upon partnerships with economic development organizations, council of governments, municipalities, downtown organizations, school districts, post-secondary institutions, Small Business Development Centers and related entities.
  • MAIDA, specifically, will encourage presentations at its meetings for purposes of education and building relationships. The committee will also be actively involved with related community efforts.

Business Development

A strong business community helps drive the sustainability of the Central PA region. Therefore, we will find ways to support business growth.


  • Increase public awareness of the Central PA Chamber and humanize the organization.
  • Communicate the value of the organization from its collective experiences and solutions.
  • Continue to build trust in the communities by being authentic, accessible, transparent, relevant and reliable.
  • Be memorable and offer more visual stories that leave an impact.

Professional Development

The Central PA Chamber is only as strong as its staff, board, committees and members. We will continue to offer new and exciting ways for groups and individuals to grow.


  • Restructure the Seminar & Training Series to avoid redundancy of programs with other organizations and co-sponsor when appropriate.
  • Seek out new and interesting presenters.
  • Members of the staff will engage in programs and events to further and expand their knowledge base as it pertains to Chamber matters.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will continue to be developed to help avoid any delays in service.
  • Boards and committees will continue to receive an annual orientation, but their time will also be considered on when meetings are scheduled. Their time will be utilized in ways that are most beneficial to Chamber and membership success.

Financial Stability

Financial stability will allow the Central PA Chamber to carry out its Vision & Mission and present goals. As will any organization, its vital to keep expenses down while increasing revenue.


  • Make wiser decisions and decrease expenses related to: facility usage, membership, mileage, postage, printing and IT.
  • Increase income at signature events (e.g. Annual Meeting and Leadercast).
  • Seek additional grant opportunities, sponsorships and non-dues revenue partnerships.
  • Expand upon the Raising the Board (RtB) program by offering classes geared toward publicly-elected officials (e.g. school board, municipalities) and those seeking public office.
  • Introduce a gap loan program and new MAIDA projects.



This Strategic Plan addresses the Central PA Chamber’s current and future needs through 2022. The goals of this plan are specific, measurable and attainable. The Chamber staff and the Board of Directors will be responsible to implement the strategies and goals in this plan. The progress of these goals will be measured through the Board governance process.