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Strategic Plan (2015-2018)

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce is a member-focused organization working full-time to preserve, enhance and expand the opportunities for growth of the business, educational, professional, and industrial communities. Our objective is to engage members by providing opportunities to network, market, help prepare for a growing and changing workforce, encourage community involvement, and celebrate in the accomplishments of the region.


We believe an actively engaged membership is essential to the success of the Central PA region.

Therefore, we will promote initiatives and programs to incentivize businesses and organizations to become members of the Central PA Chamber of Commerce.


  • Actively engage existing members to retain their membership in the Central PA Chamber of Commerce. (Maintaining a 93% retention rate and a 90% engagement rate that the member has participated in a chamber benefit or event.)
  • Proactively attract new members from select community and business segments. (Growing our membership representation by size and industry type in order to fulfill the needs of our members.)
  • Analyze and review Member Benefits to insure that they best meet member needs. (Change benefits that align with member needs and delete those that are not being utilized.)
  • Initiate events that provide positive networking among Chamber members. (Increasing the participation level of member to event ratio.)


We believe that partnering allows us to broaden our impact within our membership.

Therefore, we will invest in creating strategic partnerships to gain access to areas of untapped resources.


  • Develop an Engagement Team to identify member needs. (Personal visits will be made to each member a minimum of one time a year.)
  • Create an inventory of community resources. (A directory of all community resources available.)
  • Bring providers together to collaborate on community projects. (We will arrange meetings to bring community projects and community resources together.)


We believe business, community and economic development is the engine that drives the sustainability of the Central PA region.

Therefore, we will find ways to bring new business growth into our communities.


  • Pursue physical property that the Chamber can use to develop business growth. (The Chamber will own buildings, land and/or space to be developed and/or leased.)
  • Assist with capital needs for new or expanding businesses. (The Chamber will be investing in new and expanding businesses with a % return on the investment to be determined by the end of 2018.)
  • Identify funding sources to attract new businesses. (A directory of funding sources that are available.)

Financial Stability

We believe it is imperative to diversify our current portfolio to foster growth in current investments and create alternative revenue sources.

Therefore, we will find ways to invest funds outside our traditional methods.


  • Determine risk tolerance for current investments. (Making loans and making investments that fall within the guidelines that have been determined.)
  • Leverage partnerships to generate additional revenue. (Partnerships will be generating a minimum amount of $10,000 in revenue.)
  • Identify alternative investment sources. (Generating money through investments in current or new member growth.)
  • Identify additional programing as a source of revenue. (New programs will be generating additional revenue.)


This Strategic Plan addresses the Central PA Chamber’s current and future needs through 2018. The goals of this plan are specific, measurable and attainable. The Chamber staff and the Board of Directors will be responsible to implement the strategies and goals in this plan. The progress of these goals will be measured through the Board governance process.