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school-counts-logoA Message to Students …

“So, I’m late for school. Who cares?”
“So, my grades are low. Who cares?”
“I’m really smart. So, I’m absent a lot. Who cares?”
“I’m not going to college, so who cares what I do in school?”

Your future employer may care, because performance in school is one factor that could predict how well you will do in a job. And surveys tell us employers care more about attendance and punctuality than you might think.

The School Counts! program can help prove to employers that you are a hard-working student. By meeting the four criteria of the School Counts! program, you can become a School Counts! student. You will be issued a certificate of achievement each year in high school that you meet the criteria. This certificate can be presented to employers when you interview for a job.

What do I have to do to be a part of the School Counts! program?

The program requires no extra time commitment on your part. Just keep your grades up, come to school every day and be on time. Don’t load up on study halls; take academic courses that will challenge you. High school years are very important-make the most of them by participating in School Counts!

The School Counts! credential certifies that you have:

  • Obtained a grade of ‘C’ or better in every course
  • Achieved a 95% attendance and punctuality record
  • Completed high school in eight consecutive semesters
  • Taken more than the minimum graduation requirements

Participating School Districts: