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School Counts!

school-counts-logoYoung people need to know that there is a correlation between working hard in school and finding a job-whether that job is in a Fortune 500 company or in the stockroom or a local retail store. They need to know that attendance, punctuality, attitude and effort count, and that nothing succeeds like hard work. Employers can reinforce these messages by asking young adult job applicants for high school performance records.

School Counts! will help students understand that school performance is important and will help develop a more highly qualified workforce.

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce Business & Education Association in conjunction with the Tri-Chamber Foundation is working with local school districts to ensure the success of the School Counts! program.

What you can do

  • Sign up to be a School Counts! Employer
  • Use the School Counts! Certificate as one of the criteria used to evaluate high school job applicants
  • Encourage other companies to participate in and support School Counts!
  • Allow your company to be identified on the Participating Businesses page of the Chamber Website.

School-CountsHow does it work?

School Counts! is an initiative that encourages employers to use high school performance records as one of the criteria used to evaluate high school job applicants.

Employers can ask for the School Counts! credential during an interview, which certifies that an individual has:

  • Obtained a grade of ‘C’ or better in every course
  • Achieved a 95% attendance and punctuality record
  • Completed high school in eight consecutive semesters
  • Taken more than the minimum graduation requirements
  • Demonstrate positive behavior including no out of school suspension

Participating School Districts: