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August 24, 2018 Jeff Shaffer

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We have identified the following to be qualities desirable in prospective leaders — in addition to the requirement to govern in accordance with key governing documents (bylaws, articles of incorporation and policies .)

• Strategic Thinking – Focusing on the big picture; avoiding micromanagement and staff areas of responsibility.

• Visionary – Looking to and anticipating the future: embracing change and studying history to learn what has worked well and why. Able to think beyond the current year and term of office.

• Communications – Has good oral and written communication skills — and is a very good listener. Able to crisply communicate ideas in leadership discussions and willing to listen and communicate with stakeholders.

• Integrity – Supporting an environment of accountability for commitments, honesty and transparency or openness. Agrees to identify potential conflicts of interest.

• Commitment – Feels a strong commitment to the organization, its membership and stakeholders. Willing to act with determination regarding responsibilities of leadership (board or committee work.)

• Time – Has adequate time to participate in meetings, to review organizational documents, attend orientation and special meetings that may be called.

• Involved and Engaged – Willing and able to allocate time to understand and deliberate elements such as the strategic plan, budget and governing documents. Determined to achieve the mission and goals.

• Team Playing – Understands importance of collaboration and deliberation; realizing that no one person’s agenda is more important than the agenda of the organization and board of directors.

• Contributions and Expertise – Able to contribute to the organization by drawing on personal experience, expertise and skillsets.

• Personable – Being approachable and in touch. Willing to accept new ideas, communication styles and use of technologies.

• Enthusiasm – Having a strong desire to serve in a leadership roles and to help the membership.

• Responsive – Realizing the importance to timely communications in advancing projects and programs.

*Directors will be required to sign a confidentiality statement.

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