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Wyrope Williamsport Federal Credit Union

Wyrope Williamsport Federal Credit Union
February 19, 2021 Jeff Shaffer

Wyrope Williamsport Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is fully owned and operated by its members. Because of the cooperative, non-profit nature, loan rates are lower, savings rates are higher, and members benefit from the low-cost, convenient services offered. Since 1957, Wyrope Williamsport Federal Credit Union has provided a complete range of low-cost financial services to thousands of members and their families.

Wyrope is enormously proud of its past and the foundation we have built as it will help propel us into the future. We focus on working within our community to make it a better place to live and raise a family through service and volunteering. This including changing technology that our members need and want. We also take pride in offering scholarships, financial counseling, and an outside the box approach to credit hiccups all to help keep our members on the best financial path for their future. Over the years, Wyrope has grown, adding products and services as the needs of the members has evolved including more online and remote banking services for the digital age.

Additionally, credit union membership is for life. Once you’re a member, you’re always a member, whether you leave your current employer, retire, or move away. We also invite you to extend the same membership privileges to everyone in your family.

By taking the voices of the members as a driving force behind new initiatives, the Board and Credit Union leadership strive to move forward and upward with everyone we serve.


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