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WVIA Public Media

WVIA Public Media
March 9, 2018 Jeff Shaffer

WVIA touches lives, influences opinion, and noticeably impacts on matters of public interest and concern, through measurably significant, differentiated local and national television and radio broadcast products and wvia.org, as well as outreach projects and educational services. Grounded in the concepts of lifelong learning, the arts, culture and quality of life, the WVIA staff relentlessly pursues excellence and relevance. We will develop future programs and services in collaboration with strategically chosen organizations successfully serving Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Central Susquehanna Valley. WVIA will grow in revenue, independence, recognition and coverage, achieving significant public service by continuously improving relationships with members, underwriters, partners and our communities.


Jennifer Rempe, Corporate Development, Susquehanna Valley: 570-602-1138; jenniferrempe@wvia.org