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The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum

The Mifflinburg Buggy Museum
February 26, 2021 Jeff Shaffer

From 1883 to 1920, William A. Heiss manufactured carriages, wagons, and sleighs. When his buggy business declined he sought out other opportunities to make a living. Among those occupations were furniture maker, beekeeper, and automobile painter.

After William’s death in 1931, the building was used for storage and the contents were forgotten.

Almost 50 years later, the doors were opened to reveal the original shop with tools, machinery, forges, and parts. It was as if William Heiss had simply walked away.

We invite you to visit the Buggy Museum and step back in time. Your visit will begin in our modern Visitor Center, which features an introductory video, self-guided exhibit, hands-on workbench, gift shop and restrooms. We offer guided tours through the Heiss family home, the reconstructed carriage house, the original buggy factory and original showroom.


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