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Terrapin Care Station

Terrapin Care Station
April 22, 2024 Ryan Workman

“Founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 as Terrapin Care Station, the legacy, family-owned cannabis company was one of the first 12 initial recipients of a Pennsylvania medical cannabis grower/processor license. Operating out of Clinton County in Pennsylvania, Terrapin is consistently held as an industry model for patient-focused cultivation and production of high-quality medical cannabis products. Terrapin’s medical cannabis products can be found in every dispensary in Pennsylvania thanks to a loyal patient base that appreciates our commitment to quality and transparency while keeping prices affordable. With a strong commitment to corporate responsibility and advancing equity across the industry, Terrapin believes in “planting local roots.” We operate under the brands: Terrapin Care Station (retail locations), Double Bear (extracts and vape), The Woods (premium flower), Terrapin (whole flower), and Resolute Remedies (topicals, capsules, and tinctures in Pennsylvania). For more information, visit TerrapinCareStation.com”


180 Henry Street
Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Peter Marcus, VP Communications