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Online Training Available

Online Training Available
April 1, 2020 Jeff Shaffer

MILTON – While a growing number of people and employees are living a shut-in lifestyle and working remotely because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it doesn’t have to limit you or your employees’ ability to grow personally and professionally.

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce partners with Coggno, an online training marketplace and Learning Management System (LMS), currently offering nearly 500 courses through its web site, www.centralpachamber.com. Click “Online Training” under the “Business & Education” tab on the homepage.

Topics include: Safety, Business, Management/Leadership, Human Resources, Personal Development, Software, Eco/Clean Tech, Health, Marketing/Sales, Transportation, Security, Social Media, Personal Finance, Academic, Legal/Law, Insurance, Real Estate, Engineering, Financial Markets and Photography.

Many courses start below $25, and there are even some free subjects available, including: How to Achieve Your Goals, Income Statement Secrets Revealed, How to Negotiate Salary, and Social Media Sampler.

All courses are self-paced and can be taken around the clock. Some can be completed in as little as 30 minutes while others will take several hours. A majority of courses offer a “Certificate of Completion” once a course is successfully completed. In addition, several courses are available with Continuing Education Unit/Credit Courses (CEU’s/CEC’s).

Online training is different than a webinar, which is similar to watching a video. Online training is interactive, keeping the learner actively engaged. Most courses teach the learner through a combination of video, voiceover and PowerPoint, measuring the learner’s comprehension of the course material through periodic knowledge checks.

As an employer, courses can be distributed directly to your employees via Coggno’s Learning Kiosk or LMS. Either way, employers have the ability to monitor, track and report on their employees training in real-time.

For more information, check out the FAQ link on the Central PA Chamber’s main page for Online Training, www.centralpachamber.com/online-training-courses.

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    Your content is really amazing or we can say simply best. Amazing work. Please keep continue your good work and keep updated me about new posts. Thank you

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