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SOP Front End

======== Front End Interface ========

The part that we just finished building is the front end interface that will

allow you to quickly see which SOP’s are still in progress and need to be

completed yet.


Go here to view the front end: https://centralpachamber.com/sopnumber/


Select an SOP number and it will show you all of the SOP records that you have.


For example, if you select SOP-01, it will display a listing of all of the times that you

have used the SOP to set up a new member.


I put in a few demo records for you for demonstration purposes but feel free to delete

those (don’t delete the Master copy of the SOP, just delete the dummy ones).


I have created a training video to show you how the front end works.





======== Back-end Interface ========


You have already been training on this interface a few weeks ago but as a reminder, you

go to Admin Tools > SOP in order to add/edit/delete SOP’s.


We have created the first SOP for “Set Up New Member” with you. Now you will be able

to create additional SOP’s on your own.



The general concept/workflow is this:


1. Organizations will typically have about 5-15 SOP’s. You have the first one done

(Set Up New Member). You can decide to just keep it at just one SOP for now, or you, Tea Jay

and Maria can build out more SOP’s. That’s totally up to you. At Summit, we built some for

“Set Up New Client”, “Set Up New Website Project”, “Set Up New Hire” etc.


To create a new SOP: Admin Tools > SOP > Add New, keep the setting at “Master” because you

will be creating the Master version.



2. Next, once you create the new SOP Master, you can begin copying from it. For example, say

that you have SOP-02 Set Up New Hire [Master] and you have just hired Joe Smith. Your next step would be

to go to Admin Tools > SOP, locate the one titled SOP-02 Set Up New Hire [Master] and click “Clone” in order

to make a copy of the master.


Then you would rename it to SOP-02 Set Up New Hire – Joe Smith


In the “Master SOP?” field, be sure to indicate “No” because it’s not the Master, it’s just a copy of the Master.


This flow allows you the flexibility you need in order to add/edit/delete steps from an SOP. For example, let’s say that the Master

SOP has 8 steps. But for hiring Joe Smith, there are like 5 additional things that you have to get done for him,

so you can just add those extra steps into Joe’s SOP record if you want to.