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Chamber remains a resource

Chamber remains a resource
March 18, 2020 Jeff Shaffer

MILTON – As the threat of Covid-19 spreads across the state and nation, the Central PA Chamber of Commerce remains a resource to its members and the community.

While only a small number of Pennsylvanians have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus thus far, a much greater number of people are feeling the effects, as the state continues to strongly encourage the practice of “social distancing”. While potentially solving one problem, it’s raising many other concerns, including a loss of income for businesses and organizations, and their employees.

Earlier this week, the Central PA Chamber made several recommendations to its 500 members, in regard to helpful services.

Within the last few months, the Central PA Chamber launched the Pledged Asset Loan (PAL) program. The loan is available to member businesses and organizations that need help in securing business loans with their eligible financial institutions. Learn more by visiting www.centralpachamber.com/pal.

In addition, there are several state resources the Central PA Chamber wants businesses and individuals to be aware of, including links to unemployment compensation benefits and additional business resources.

Visit www.uc.pa.gov for information related to unemployment compensation eligibility. For more information on additional business resources, visit https://dced.pa.gov/resources/.

For general information about Covid-19, visit www.health.pa.gov.

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