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Central PA Chamber Receives Multiple Honors

Central PA Chamber Receives Multiple Honors
February 8, 2024 Ryan Workman

MILTON – The Central PA Chamber of Commerce has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Organizations” in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Business Central, one of the most circulated, business-focused publications in the Commonwealth.  “This recognition reaches 40,000 readers across a 23-county area in central Pennsylvania.  Each year the editorial board reaches out to executives, chambers of commerce, community leaders, and readers to send in nominations for selection.”  We are honored by this nomination and selection.

Central PA Chamber President & CEO, Tea Jay Aikey, was also selected as one of the Pennsylvania Business Central’s “Top 100 People.”  According to the publication, “The vibrant economic and social life of central Pennsylvania is powered by people. When goods or services are de­livered in an efficient and timely manner, expertise and knowledge brought to bear on a problem, or necessary care provided, it’s not just the businesses and the institutions – but the people behind them that get the job done. We all know that powerhouse individual – the person with the vision, dedication and drive to not only complete the task, but to envision, expand, and excel. We are fascinated by the impact a single individual can have on their workplace, their community and the lives of those around them. The stories of these individuals can provide instruction, inspiration, and the motivation to raise our own standard of excellence.”

During the tenure of Aikey, the Central PA Chamber has grown its membership and influence.  We now have well over 600 members in multiple states and over 90 zip codes.  Our programs reach thousands of individuals throughout the year and we are constantly finding new and more efficient ways to serve our members under her guidance.  The business community appreciates Aikey’s wealth of knowledge and experience and she is often requested to be the master of ceremonies or keynote speaker at public events.

In addition to this distinction, Aikey has been appointed to the Advisory Council of the Pennsylvania Treasury’s Prosperous Communities Initiative for a two-year term.  Aikey’s expertise in business and industry will be sought for actionable input as the Pennsylvania Treasury continually develops the messaging and methods necessary to drive consumer programming outreach.

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