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Barclay Home & Building Inspections

Barclay Home & Building Inspections
October 12, 2021 Jeff Shaffer

We do a visual non-evasive inspection of your real estate property, whether you are a buyer, a seller, or someone who desires to learn more about maintaining your home. By hiring me, you don’t need to hire ten or more trades or professionals to inspect your home and property. This saves you time and money. By requesting my service, you can have an unbiased report, without me trying to sell you anything, because I do not do any repairs because that goes against my code of ethics. Every home is different and that means each home inspection is different. Every home has some serious issues, even a newly constructed home. I will inform you of any safety issues that are specific to your property and check for proper functions of the systems. I encourage you to go to our web site to find out more and see samples of our inspection reports.


Gary Barclay, Owner/Lead Inspector; 570-538-1490