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Donation Request Guidelines 

The Central PA Chamber of Commerce, through one of the foundations under our umbrella of corporations, has a limited ability to fund donation requests for projects from our region.  Our stated corporate purposes for all of our corporations revolve around promoting and bettering our retail, commercial and industrial bases, to create better communities in Central PA.  To that end we have created this document as a guide for those interested in making requests for donations.  All projects must fit within our corporate scope of purposes and adhere to our Mission Statement and align with our stated core values which are:

To be considered, your project must meet and/or comply with the following:

  1. Funding requests will only be considered for those organizations with a Federal Tax ID number (see application)
  2. Consideration of requests will be based on our annual funding availability.
  3. We will fund projects, not events, annual campaigns, general endowment funds and/or operating expenses, nor promotion of political or non-secular activities.
  4. Only current funding year requests will be considered (no multiyear requests).
  5. Only projects that are non-recurring will be considered.
  6. All requests must include the application form.
  7. All requests must include a cover letter on the organizations letterhead clearly indicating requested amount, a full explanation of project, with drawings, estimates or other details attached and the daytime contact person with his/her phone number, email address and mail address.