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Rooted Relational Therapy

Rooted Relational Therapy
December 23, 2020 Jeff Shaffer

Rooted Relational Therapy was founded in February 2017 by two Marriage and Family Therapists (Doug and Morgan Richard) who moved back to their small hometown of Mifflinburg to serve the mental health needs of this very rural region. We have since grown to a staff of 6, including five licensed mental health practitioners. We advocate for healthy relationships, healthy families, and healthy people, and offer essential mental health therapy to many under-served populations. We help people struggling with challenges including trauma, anxiety, depression, self-worth, and much more. Some of our specialties include helping couples improve their relationships utilizing the two most successful methods of couple therapy in existence, helping women and couples navigate and heal from difficult experiences of sexual pain, and helping people process and heal from abuse and religious trauma. We also have years of experience serving LGBTQ persons.

Our mission is to facilitate growth, healing, and wholeness for Individuals, Couples, Families, Children, and Adolescents in Central PA through compassionate, professional, and affordable therapy and educational services.

After reaching out to hundreds of local organizations and community leaders, we have partnered with dozens of individuals, churches, and organizations to help offset the cost of therapy for people who cannot afford it through the Rooted Compassion Fund.


Doug Richard, Owner and Clinical Director: 570-765-8450;